London Van Hire Services

London Van Hire Services

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Hiring movers often leads to to worrying about our possessions. This may lead on to problems as hiring the wrong company can not only ruin our day, but also ruin everything we own. There are many ways we can be hurt while working with a moving company, but despite that few companies are actually engaging in unpleasant business practices. Another way you can deal with the move is to Hire A Moving Van yourself, which you’ll be able to use to transport everything at your own convenience. Here are some tips on how you can begin doing that:


You can begin this process by talking to friends or relatives, perhaps they can give you some insight on companies offering van hiring services. The word-of-mouth method works very well as a company’s reputation is largely a good way of learning about its business practices and publicity. You can find more information about a company through the use of a business directory website such as freeindex. Such websites have review options which will give you a chance to understand the opinions of other people on their work.

London Van Hire

Ford Transit SWB or similar

Load Space: 6.6m3
Payload: 953Kg
Int.Width: 1.54m
Int.Length: 2.58m
Load Height: 174.5cm

Ford Transit LWB or similar

Load Space: 9.1m3
Payload: 1557Kg
Int.Width: 1.73m
Int.Length: 3.26m
Load Height: 164.59cm

Ford LWB Luton or similar

Load Space: 19.3m3
Payload: 1762Kg
Int.Width: 1.97m
Int.Length: 3.98m
Load Height: 219.71cm

Obtain multiple quotes

The best way to do this is to contact as many companies as possible who are offering Removals Van Hire, so you can get a clear view of how the market is going. Ask plenty of questions and compare the notes and impressions you have received from your phone calls. Honest companies will let you know what their rates are and how they work so you can make the most of it.

Consider the size of the van

Most London Van Hire companies have different types of vans for different needs, so make sure you are aware of your needs. Let the company know ahead of time and you will avoid too many trips with a small truck or a larger price.


Ask the van hire company whether they can offer you some sort of insurance when it comes to your belongings or not. It is likely that won’t be the case as you will be handling the moving yourself.

Pay attention to the contract

Although the terms of the contract will no doubt have enough information you should make sure you don’t miss anything while you read it. Ask questions about the contract itself, the conditions of the hiring and anything else you can think of.

Choose the right time

Sometimes, during peak season van hire companies will have their hands full and you may experience difficulties finding a van. You can choose to move off-season, especially if you live in a college town where students will be moving every summer and there will be a high demand for transportation.

Check the legitimacy of the company

There are many London Van Hire companies out there which are not registered officially, so you should make sure the company you’re working with is one of the good ones. Their vehicles should be clearly labeled and their office a place you can visit physically in a good location around town.

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