Man And Van Banstead Movers

Man And Van Banstead Movers

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Not everything can be done entirely on your own, especially when it is about moving to a new apartment or removal of older furniture. These tasks not only require physical effort but mental skills as well. You first nee to plan the whole thing in your mind, that how you can best keep your antiques, whether to keep them or sale them away, what to be thrown away and what you can get repaired, how to store the things that are no longer in use but you still want to keep them, and last and most importantly, how to keep a track record of all the stored pieces to make them easily retrievable as and when required. Man and Van Banstead Movers now assist you in doing that. Our expert and experienced workers get your problem solved by employing their physical as well as cognitive abilities. They make your premises go through a whole new experience of clearance and adaptations, making it look all the more beautiful and comfortable. Our most popular services include:

  • Removal and relocation of your furniture.
  • Assisting you in moving and shifting.
  • Clearance services for your houses, apartments and areas.
  • Providing you with the storage units to keep your valuables and worthy stuff in a more organized way.
  • Help you in the hour of need by providing rental vans with drivers having license.
  • Helping your kids in keeping their stationary, books, notes and other things organized.

So if you need any of these services, let Man and Van Banstead Movers know and we’ll approach you all geared up to give a hand.

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Man And Van Banstead

Property Type

No. Of Men

Approx. Time Required

Cost Per Hour

Studio Apartment

1 Man

1 – 3 Hours


1 – 2 Bedrooms

2 Men

2 – 4 Hours


2 – 3 Bedrooms

3 Men

3 – 6 Hours


3 – 6 Bedrooms

4 Men

5 – 8 Hours


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