Man And Van Teddington

Man And Van Teddington

The most responsible and affectionate company of the UK, Man and Van Teddington provides family minded propositions to satisfy the clients. We are very careful and always ready to provide help to our customers. Our behavior is in a friendly manner at all the times. We are dependent to provide clean and credible transportation services.

 We are pursuing for:

  • Home shifting
  • Carry goods,  furniture and parcels
  • Elimination of the removals
  • Work and student moves
  • E-bay collection
  • Send deliverable
  • Luggage moving from airports

We are serving in different places all over the UK and restrict ourselves to inferior prices. We provide well-equipped and trained staff services.  Man and Van Teddington teams are very cautious for all demands of parcels with respect to transportation on the final destination securely! We transport heavy, large, fragile, light, woody stuff, electrical appliances and documents on time.

 We Provide:

  • Stress free and consistent service.
  • Fastidious, positive and skilled drivers.
  • Able to arrange and assemble the furniture too.
  • Service is available 7 days a week in fixed working hours.
  • In case of damage, we are liable.

Removals are handled by self-sufficient men who have a better know-how of every region, city and small towns. We provide specialized elimination services consist office transfer, home, apartment and student’s repositions. Our vans and other carriage vehicles are all the times ready to move especially for elimination and daily transfer of different domestic and office objects.

We work in following areas too. We usually move from London to various fields including:

  • Richmond
  • Hampton
  • Twickenham
  • Kingston
  • Scotland
  • Chiswick

We even work in nights and at holidays, if the task of the customer yet to be completed. The value of our customer’s satisfaction matters the most.

Commercial moving services in North London:

In North London, we use motor trucks and commercial vehicles. If the luggage is not very large, then we also use crossing vans for transportation. We always try to save time of our customers. Removals of home and apartments in North London are fixed on hourly basis, so every client should have its own choice to select hours of work. Even 24 hour services are also provided in North London.

Tips for Transporting Things:

  • Select what you want to buy new so that extra the charges of extra transportation could be avoided.
  • Transporting is a stressful job, so you must trust the transporter to avoid further stress.
  • Shifting to a new house, decide what furniture is good and which one is a scrap for the new house.
  • Try to sell 75% of your old households and buy new things for a new house.
  • We also suggest you good ideas to take better decisions for a new location as it is the duty of Man and Van Teddington.

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