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London Storage Boxes

Some point in time, one might have to move their house, do some renovations or prepare their home for selling purpose. For all such circumstance, people look for storage facilities in London or some place near. Man And Van Movers offer a very reliable solution for storing your items for long or short term with their London Storage Box / Boxes services.

Our London Storage Boxes are ideal solutions for small – medium size organizations, travellers and students who want to store few items for a short term. Our storage solutions are very economical as compared to London Self Storage facilities which charge on the basis of per square foot.

We Collect, We Deliver, We Store

Why Use London Storage Boxes

We will come to your premises and deliver the London Storage Boxes. All you have to do it pack it yourself and give us a call again. We will pick it up and take it to storage facilities. If you need then back at any time, we will also deliver it to your door step. No hidden charges – no rate increase. Now you don’t have to leave your house, apartment, flat or office. No need rent a van, or carry your items to and from the van, neither you have to carry it down the narrow stairs. Our team will do all that for you.

We have all sort of packing material available. Our team can do all the packing of your items if required. Every item will be packed properly and securely. A complete list of inventory is maintained and every London Storage Box is marked with the inventory list so that you can easily trace back your items in case your need just few items to be delivered to your from our facilities. London Storage facilities are fully secured and is managed by experts using state of art computerised inventory management system. There is no need to fear about moisture or humidity as the facilities are all covered and properly ventilated 24hrs. London Storage Boxes also operate secure vault area to place your valuable items and good.

Our services are ideal for businesses and household who are just seeking to store their items for short term or long term in their absence.

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